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J&T Cargo is a service company with technologically innovative types of cargo delivery under the auspices of the J&T Group, focusing on increasing the efficiency of cargo delivery.  This service provides a choice of sending packages of larger volumes and weights with guaranteed efficient and timely service level agreements (SLAs).

J&T Cargo provides several inter-city services via land and air, has a full tracking system and a fast claim process. 

J&T Cargo Track Package

How to Check Packages on J&T Cargo

To make the customers keep informed of their packages, J&T Cargo provides several ways to check the delivery process. You may choose which of the following is easier and faster. Here are the details.

1. By using the app

J&T Cargo service supports smartphone apps. There are many tools and functions that can be used. One of them is to track your package’s delivery.

2. By using waybill

The second method to track your package’s delivery is by using waybill. To check using this method, please follow the steps.

Jt Cargo Airwaybill Trace And Tracking
Jt Cargo Airwaybill Trace And Tracking
  1. Open your browser, visit J&T Cargo Tracking
  2. On the main page, there is a blank to input your waybill number
  3. You can get your waybill number on your receipt
  4. Wait until the process is complete then the information about your delivery will be shown

Both the app or the site also provide some information about J&T Cargo Services, including to check the service tariff. 

J&T Cargo Services

Jt Cargo Truck
Jt Cargo Truck

J&T Cargo does focus on large-sized and large-volume packages so that it is different from usual expeditions.  This is manifested in each J&T Cargo service which has provisions for the weight and contents of the package.

When you check J&T Cargo rates, you can choose a service that suits your shipping needs.  Each service also has its own advantages so that it is able to meet the delivery of both individuals and companies.

1. Small Cargo

Is a wholesale market product delivery service or small packages which promise on time departure, priority delivery, transit and package delivery.  Serving shipments of goods in the form of 3C electronics, fashion products, fresh food, cosmetics, hardware and chain store products throughout Indonesia.  Then the services offered are as follows.

  •  H50: shipment of goods weighing under 50kg
  • H100 : shipment of goods weighing between 50-100kg

2. Standard Cargo

Then next is standard cargo which offers econolis prices and standard shipping procedures.  Providing door-to-door delivery facilities with the advantages of timely, efficient, guaranteed security and low prices.

  • H300 : shipment of goods weighing between 100-300kg
  • H500 : shipment of goods weighing between 300-500kg 

3. SLA Service

J&T Cargo also has SLA delivery which guarantees on time arrivals between cities using land routes.  Has efficient operations, professional services, real-time tracking, exclusive hotlines and guaranteed security.

How to Contact J&T Cargo

J&T Cargo continues to improve efficiency and optimize logistics costs based on high operational standards, robust warehouse transportation and distribution systems, and advanced logistics applications, to increase the value of distribution business for customers and create the best logistics experience.

J&T Cargo provides many ways to help centers to make it easier to contact. Customers can easily choose between the information below to have them help. Here are some details.

Company NamePT Global Jet Cargo
Head OfficeLandmark Pluit, Jl.Pluit Selatan Raya No.2, RT.4/RW.10, Pluit, Kec.Penjaringan, Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14450
Phone Numbers021-80661666
Emailvisit the help center
FacebookJ&T Cargo

That’s some information about J&T Cargo. May this article be helpful for all the customers all over the world.

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