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PT.  Tiki Jalur Nugraha Eka Kurir, or better known as JNE EXPRESS, is an Indonesian logistics and freight forwarding company. JNE is known as one of the largest freight forwarding companies in Indonesia.

JNE network and distribution area coverage that covers more than 83,000 cities, including regencies, villages and outer islands, with more than 8,000 sales outlets and employs more than 50,000 employees throughout Indonesia.

JNE Express Track Shipment

How to Track Packages on JNE Services

We can easily track a package using many ways. Here are the services you can use.

  1. By installing the JNE smartphone application
  2. By visiting JNE official site
  3. By calling the customer service number
  4. Visiting the branch office

Tracking packages by visiting the official site is the most favorite way because it is easier. This is how to track your packages using the official site.

  1. Use your browser, then visit JNE Tracking
  2. On the main page, you will see a blank to track your packages
  3. Input the tracking numbers to the blank, then click OK or Search icon
  4. Wait for a while, the information of your package will appear soon.
Jne Express Trace And Tracking Result
Jne Express Trace And Tracking Result

JNE gives several detailed information of the package delivery. On the other hand, there are several terms in the delivery status such as Manifest, On-Process, On-Transit, Received On Destination and Delivered. To find out what these terms mean, here’s an explanation:

1. Manifest:

If the status of the package is still shown “manifest it means that the package is already registered at the JNE office from which it was sent

2. On-Process

It means that the package is in the process of shipping/traveling

3. On-Transit

This process shows that the package is in transit in a certain city

4. Received On Destination

The package has arrived at the destination city and will be sent to the destination address by courier.

5. Delivered

The package has been received at the destination address and the name of the recipient of the packages is listed

You can also download the JNE mobile application to make hour tracking easier. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices.

JNE Services

Customer Care Jne Express
Customer Care Jne Express

1. Ongkos Kirim Ekonomis – OKE (Economical Postage)

 JNE OKE is the most basic service offered and has the cheapest rates and low priority among other types of JNE delivery services.

2. Regular (REG)

JNE REG is a standard type of service offered by JNE‒both in terms of price and time. This service covers the entire territory of Indonesia with an estimated time of about 1-7 working days depending on the delivery destination.

3. Yakin Esok Sampai (YES)

JNE YES is a priority service with a delivery time of only 1 day or until the next day. With a fast delivery service like this, of course you have to pay a higher JNE rate. Unfortunately, this service is not yet available in all parts of Indonesia, only big cities.

4. Super Speed ​​(SS)

JNE SS is the most expensive service offered by JNE with tariffs up to 10 times.

However, this service guarantees that the package sent will arrive on the same day or 24 hours from the delivery of the goods. Just like JNE YES, this service only covers certain areas.

How to Contact JNE

Company NamePT Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir
Head OfficeJl. Tomang Raya No. 11, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone Numbers(62-21) 2927 8888
How To Complain About Jne Express Services
How To Complain About Jne Express Services

JNE is one of the biggest delivery services in Indonesia. Because of its capacity to reach many parts of Indonesia, it also becomes the most used delivery service. You can use the service of JNE in your town. May this article be useful for customers.

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